Longitudinal Medical Record (LMR)
The Longitudinal Medical Record (LMR) is a web-based ambulatory electronic medical record system used across Partners HealthCare.

With the LMR, providers can maintain patient records electronically and manage workflow with ease. The structured patient data and clinical tools such as charting, prescribing, result management, referral management, and order entry help reduce paper, enhance data access, and reduce administrative time. As a result, providers are able to improve patient care and streamline their workflow. In addition, providers can easily share data with other clinicians across Partners to facilitate communication and ensure continuity of care.

Developed by Partners HealthCare, the LMR represents a key component of Partners’ information system strategy. Partners physicians along with world-class medical informaticians and 37researchers are closely involved in the product’s design and development.

Today, nearly 4,000 clinicians including over 2,500 physicians use LMR. Over the next few years, the LMR will expand its feature set and continue its deployment throughout the PCHI network.
• Streamline office workflows for tasks such as prescription refills and referral management tracking
• Enhance revenue through more complete and appropriate documentation
• Save time tracking and communicating results to patients
• Access patient charts from any location
• Enhance the quality of patient care through preventive health reminders and chronic disease management tools
• Improve patient safety through electronic prescribing with drug and allergy alerts
• Share patient data with other PCHI PCPs and specialists